Technical Translation Services Leeds

French to Farsi technical translation services provided by official Farsi translators in Leeds

Technical Translation Services Leeds

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Technical translation is really the same as specialised translation. Many of our French to Farsi translators specialise in technical translation, mainly scientific or industrial texts. These translators will often have a degree in their chosen technical subject area as well as an French to Farsi translation degree. We at Leeds Translation consider French to Farsi technical translation to be one of our main areas of expertise.

Further information about our translators and the qualifications of our French to Farsi translators that perform technical translations can be found here:

Technical French to Farsi Translation Pricing

Leeds Translation offers competitive rates for all types of technical translation projects, and as with all of our French to Farsi translation services, a free quotation is provided without commitment.

Other French to Farsi translation services

Note that Leeds Translation also provides technical translation services from Farsi to French.