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Slovenian Translation Agency in Leeds

Slovenian translation agency based in Leeds, United Kingdom offering services by official Slovenian translators.

Slovenian Translation Agency in Leeds

With a growing international client base, Leeds Translation Services is the Slovenian translation agency you can trust with your Slovenian translation project.

A division of Translator UK, and as an established Slovenian translation agency in Leeds, we provide clients throughout the United Kingdom with Slovenian translations at competitive prices. Our qualified Slovenian translators will only ever translate into their mother tongue, ensuring that not only the meaning, but the tone and flow of the translation is identical to the original.

We can also provide Slovenian certified translations for use in almost any country including legal Slovenian certified translations and sworn translations.

Leeds Translation Services always offers (to all corporate and individual clients) a completely free quotation for any Slovenian translation project.

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Slovenian Translators in Leeds

Slovenian translators based in Leeds and elsewhere in the UK that have the expert qualifications to ensure 100% client satisfaction.

The Slovenian translators that work with Leeds Translation Services have been thoroughly vetted and have acquired (at least) all of the following criteria:

Supporting documentation of the translator's qualifications is always made available to the client once the project has started.

Note that in the case of high-volume or specialised Slovenian translation projects, we always recommend that the client works directly with the Slovenian translator (or translators) in conjunction with one of our project managers.

Don't settle for anything but the highest quality translation.

Many other Slovenian translation agencies in Leeds and the United Kingdom will inform you that an individual translator can do upwards of 5,000 words per day. In order to assure quality, for standard translation services into Slovenian, our translators never exceed 2,000 words per day. In the case of technical translations from or into Slovenian, even less. This is the only way to ensure the translator is not rushed, and will take the time necessary to complete the project to perfection.

Contact Leeds Translation Agency

To get in touch with one of our project managers and discuss your Slovenian translation requirements, please call, email or use our contact form.

By email: info@leedstranslation.co.uk

By phone: +44 (0) 207 993 4894

Looking for a Career as a Slovenian Translator?

If you are a qualified Slovenian translator that has the above-mentioned credentials and are not yet registered with us, we would be delighted to hear from you. Simply email your CV and references to translatorcv@leedstranslation.co.uk and our HR department will be in touch with you shortly thereafter.