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Chinese to French Translation Services

Chinese to French translation services in Leeds performed by qualified French translators

Chinese to French Translation Services

If you are in search of professional translation from Chinese to French, you have found the right translation company. Looking for another language combination? Please visit: translation languages.

Following years of experience as a leading translation agency, Leeds Translation Services have acquired teams of Chinese to French translators that provide an expansive range of services for corporate and individual clients alike.

The most common Chinese to French translation services performed by Leeds Translation are listed below. Our expert translation project managers are ready to discuss your translation needs with you no matter how big or small your project is. Looking for services that are not listed below? Please contact us now, we look forward to hearing from you.

Chinese to French Certified Translations

Certified translations in Leeds and within the United Kingdom are performed by a qualified, university-educated translators who can provide an attestation of accuracy along with their full credentials supporting the fact that they are a qualified Chinese to French translator. A certified translation is generally slightly more expensive than standard translation as this requires the hard copies to be printed and posted to the client, but this depends largely on the volume and type of document being translated.

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Standard Chinese to French Translations

When a standard translation is requested by a client, this generally means that the text is not technical or specialised in any way, and is provided in a text-editable format such as Microsoft Word. The translation is then performed by an experienced Chinese to French translator and returned to the client in the same format the document was received in. In most cases, basic formatting will be retained.

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Chinese to French Specialised Translations

Specialised translations from Chinese to French are performed by translators with French as their mother tongue who have additional qualifications in the subject matter which the document pertains to. A few examples of specialised translations from Chinese to French that Leeds Translation Services have handled recently are as follows:

  • the translation of a university student's thesis in Chinese translated into French for submission to a master's program in another country
  • a user manual for a washing machine written in Chinese translated into French and five other languages for a large company
  • a medical report written in Chinese translated into French prior to receiving medical attention in another country
  • the translation of a book written in Chinese, a romance novel in fact, translated into French
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Website Translations from Chinese to French

The translation of a website (also known as 'Website Localisation') involves much more than standard text translation. Depending on the way the website has been constructed, this can also require the use of our I.T. department, either re-coding the website from scratch, or providing our translators with a platform to inject the translated text from Chinese to French into the website. As web-based content is not always clear, experienced website translators are almost often used for these projects.

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Chinese to French Legal Translations

Essentially there are normally only two different types of legal translations. Those that are standard or certified translations which are written in legal language, such as property rental contracts or terms & conditions to be translated from Chinese to French, etc... These legal translations are generally for informative purposes only. A better description of these legal translations would be specialised translations. A true "legal translation" can be any document type, and is in fact the provision of a court or government-accepted translation performed by experienced, qualified, and certified official legal translators. The requirements for legal translation services vary from country to country, and Leeds Translation Services has the expertise to guide you no matter what country the translation will be used in.

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Technical Translations from Chinese to French

A specialised translation is no different to a 'technical translation', in the sense that it must be performed by a translator that not only possesses a degree in translation, but also has further education in the subject matter of the document. Generally the translation service is considered to be a Chinese to French technical translation when the content is relative to an area of science, technology, or a field of study.

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Urgent Chinese to French Translations

One of the offerings that Leeds Translation Services can provide that few of our competitors do is the provision of urgent translations from Chinese to French. As a leading translation agency in Leeds with a wide reach through the Translator UK network, we have access to thousands of translators throughout the world covering every time zone. Last-minute translations are therefore possible for us to provide, at a marginal increase in price. Our project managers will be able to give you on-the-minute responses as to how quickly our translators can turn the project around for you.

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If you are looking for the inverse of this language combination, Leeds Translation Services also handles all types of French to Chinese translations.